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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  August 1, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm EDT

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the gala 13 points now. i've been out across the flat line if that makes sense. really going nowhere on this monday. oil is going down 3%. 4019 while breaking 239 territory. by the way, donald trump here at 9:00 a.m. talking with stuart varney. don't miss it or take it away, charles payne. >> thank you very much, ashley. i am charles payne and four neil cavuto. the worst economic recovery since 1949 and the eurozone same sort of anemic growth 1.2%. hillary clinton promising major changes, saying the policies implemented right now, she likes them. they are working. >> you are offering tweaks. not a dramatic shift. >> i think what i'm offering our proven results. i think what i am offering is we can build on where we are. we are standing, but i'm not happy with the status quo.
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i said that repeatedly. charles: birdwatcher and richard could. your thoughts. >> hillary has no plan whatsoever to improve anything for small business. the question the american people need to ask themselves is if they complete a government job, what happens when those jobs go away. the only real jobs in this country that supply an economy blog turned our jobs in the dirt. hillary has no comment on that. charles: the numbers are hard to dispute. the worst poster session recovery in history by a lot of measures. the only thing i'd give the democrats if you want to take it is the fourth longest recovery because it hasn't been that good recovery. >> you know, i hope this
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election is a competition between democratic and republican economic policies. you've heard me say this. let's give newt gingrich some credit. 22 million jobs created. barack obama 76 straight times of private-sector job creation. george bush, biggest economic collapse of all time. in some respects during the six-month period than the great depression. hillary clinton would have done every day and incidentally the 10,000-point improvement in the stock market and having of the unemployment rate and so forth. charles: scott, even with that full. , his eight years still produce better annual gdp growth in president obama. that does say something.asets ta has to either. it's a problem.
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i could argue a lot of the reasons we have the economic collapse was because of what passed with the housing market in the 90s. gina talked about it. clinton doesn't have any plans in that boggles my mind considering the income inequality for modern-day records as far as described in me. economic quality of growth is not there appeared the jobs numbers are there, but the job quality is not there. for clinton to do these minor tweaks in this economy is crazy to me because it obviously needs a lot of changes. charles: as far as i can tell, the progressive movement is all about the idea that there is a lot of money out there and a handful of people have it. we are going to take it from them. i've been listening closely. hillary clinton wants the american public to give her the power to go on corporate income statements and take this money and redistributed. >> hillary should know a lot about that because hillary
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herself has made hundreds of millions of dollars to the clinton foundation. fedorov daughtry job on wall street are million dollars. she knows a lot about love. hillary and her progressive left have taken from the middle-class regeneration. look at what is happening to blighted areas around the country as we've done so much money, double the debt under the administration in an effort to fix the problem when the problem for these classes have only got worse. if progressive policy worked, charles, we would see some progress. the bottom line is we haven't seen it. their policies don't work. charles: income inequality is the valley with a party. the places where the democrats have been in control the longest are the places where income inequality is the worst. is that an indictment on the whole thesis? >> income inequality needs to be addressed. i hate to tell gina and scott something. the u.s. economy is the end yet
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the developed world. has the recovery than what anybody wanted? no. in contrast to putting up walls and discriminating against people, she's talked about helping people with job creation with paid family medical leave, with childcare, education and so forth. that is why she is offering. she pays for it all. just look at all these. >> $19 trillion in debt. what are you going to do about that? we can't keep firing from children in grandchildren. you have to draw the line. >> that's true. all i can tell he was the biggest organizations that are bipartisan, nonpartisan are freaked out by donald trump between tax and spending. charles: to make a great point about the developed world, which is a cautionary tale.
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they've gone down this path a lot further than we have. maybe we want to put the brakes on. the economy is in a forefront. we want to move on from her e-mail saga. accusing her of donald playing with fbi terror comey said. >> fbi director james comey said none of those things that you told the american public were true. >> chris, that is not what i heard director comey say. thank you for the opportunity to clarify. director comey said my answers are truthful and consistent with what i've told the american people. >> secretary clinton said there is nothing marked classified either sent or received. was that true? >> that's not true. she said i did not e-mail to anyone on the e-mail. there is no classified e-mail. was that true.
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>> there was classified e-mail material. >> secretary clinton use one device. was that true? >> she is multiple devices. >> secretary clinton said all work related e-mails are returned to the state department. was that true? >> now, we found thousands of work-related e-mails that were not returned. >> the "washington post" say she is giving her score of four pinocchio's. it shows how bad things are when she will focus on e-mails about the economy and this election. >> yeah, this story has been going on and on. the resolution was not one but a lot of us thought we would get to. if you remember back to the press conference, there was this great condemnation of how hillary clinton handled this whole situation. there were all these qualifiers that we don't think it was a severe enough to prosecute rearing further. there is a clear issue that she did with the e-mail server, yet we didn't go far enough to take it where she serves the punishment for it, which to me was slowly disingenuous.
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charles: she got a gift over the weekend. the e-mail saga going away particularly when we were promised more ugly things coming out the last few. >> i will tell you this. if we are concerned about things being released, the person who has the most to be concerned about is donald trump having his tax return. is there someone who doesn't believe in are sold by donald trump's tax returns to run him out of the race for sure. charles: someone is a private fitness in compared to someone as secretary of state who may have left enough critical information that people who put their lives on the line is compromised. >> insane this was an espionage statute, which had not been prosecuted in 99 years. there are people who have adult thinking about hillary clinton. i don't think a single one of your viewers think she went out to commit espionage.
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that's the statue your panelists are saying she violated. charles: i think there's some talk that it's not necessarily statue. the point is most people do in their heart of hearts believe she did leave it vulnerable and maybe somebody else got a hold of it. that being said, it is not going to go away. >> how about if hillary clinton releases the books from the clinton foundation, which undoubtedly will unveil her relationship with russia and other countries that have taken hundreds and hundreds of million of dollars that i find her on pocket and then donald trump will release the taxpaying that he will release in due time. hillary is unwilling to discuss releasing the books from the clinton foundation. charles: at rouen, just let it all out. >> it sounds pretty gross if we
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go that far. you know what is funny is if you look back at what hillary has done this whole time, it has, it is then lies in covering up his mind to the authorities in hiding all this stuff. come later to get exonerated as absolutely crazy. everyone should be upset about that. charles: since we started talking about the e-mails, the market is going down, down, down. honestly, it if you look into all these other folks, there's a serious deep concern what may come out. it is probably a pressing issue that maybe they can come forward and tell us what is missing. maybe they could do that. >> let's take the foundation as an example of the so-called fear. the clinton foundation raises money and addresses aids, malaria, climate change, childhood obesity, women empowerment. trump foundation raises money
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and sends it on a 10 hall met. i would love that to be something that is the subject of debate and have the american people decide who is married and who was basically misusing money in the foundation. charles: i'm sure the american public would love to know where every single dollar went. more cyberinsurance for the clintons. lieberman is here with details. >> when cybersecurity expert told me this morning that he is convinced in his wares for more information will be late i will be damaging for the democrats chances in november. keep in mind where we are at this very moment what this entire issue. the democratic national committee and the dccc has been hacked. authority caused debbie wasserman schultz her job. the department of justice is investigating, which of course russia denies. the question becomes going forward, what else tied to
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hillary clinton could potentially be exposed? cybersecurity expert is among the chorus which related e-mails relating to her campaign and the family foundation could be at risk as well. here's what he told me this morning. he says all of it is going to come out before the election and it will be incredibly embarrassing. one person's opinion there. over the weekend, clinton would not say if she feels vladimir putin is purposely trying to tilt the election donald trump's way, saying she is not going to jump to that conclusion. charles, we need to point out in all of this there is no direct evidence publicly that russia or anybody else has more potentially damaging of permission. i suggest that and have been discussing, that is one of the big question marks heading into november. charles: blake burman, thank you. really appreciated. more permission could be leaked. i just asked about this.
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so there's no concern. is there some sort of responsibility from hillary clinton's point of view to share more about the 33,000 e-mails. they are a topic of discussion. that is part of people's decision-making process when it comes to november. >> i think the public has made this decision. rightly or wrongly. charles: about the election? untrustworthiness, they've made the decision and it's pretty damning for hillary. >> hillary clinton made the point in her speech that you can trust her to go back for you if your middle american. if you're a working class person, you can trust her. donald trump was getting out of obligations when she spent her whole life going after people. now that trump is behind in the polls, waiting for the whole part of his speech to be moved out. he can't talk about the polls any more post to mention he's
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losing. i don't think that will change until he tries to wiggle out of debate. i understand the so-called concern. charles: if i'm in the democratic party, i'm concerned. these guys have a lot more information whoever they are. >> yeah, i definitely ain't that is true. if you're a democrat right now, you either have to buy into a complete fantasy that this woman, hillary clinton has your best interest in mind or you have to say square on that you are going to have to vote for someone you know willingly lied to the american people regarding their national security, even under oath. i mean, where is the bottom for hillary clinton? where is the line she draws for the american people. why is she running for president? if you look at or past its crony capitalism, padding the pockets of her friend and family. donald trumps motivations are completely different. charles: great panel.
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new developments on the zika and mosquitoes in florida. governor rick scott saint 10 additional people in florida with the zika virus. this brings the total number of people with locally transmitted zika to 14. governor scott calling on the cbc to activate an emergency response team. more on these developments as they come over the next two hours. elon musk in the meantime just made a deal. why they are facing shareholder backlash. ♪
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(don't fear my darling...) (the lion sleeps tonight.) woman snoring take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store. charles: is zika red officials expect more cases to pop up while florida governor rick scott announcing the total
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number of people locally transmitted has more than tripled to 14 in the sunshine date. doc sure, we heard about it a few to go. don't worry about it. mosquito borne, not transmitted. mostly brazil. cap puerto rico. now florida people are getting worried. people really afraid. >> people are afraid. we've been anticipating this for some time. we said we will likely see this happen in the united states with the warmer months. i want to point out this is still considered a small cluster of cases and not widespread transition. they are all believed to be isolated within one square mile of each other. charles: is not how something stars. the idea that everyday we have have more and more people, how fast does it take something to come from one or two people to become an epidemic. it can happen pretty quickly.
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>> you have to remember we have very different and conditions where we have a tried and true track record with mosquito borne illnesses with west nile. you have a very tense situation. they don't have air conditioning. they are living with mosquitoes. we have a different situation. i want to point out this is not something they are taking like way. these officials are going door to door. they are knocking on people's doors to ask questions that they may have the disease. they are collecting samples. charles: people don't really now. are there symptoms were you may have a slight fever. it's tough to know if you have it. >> you bring up a perfect point. 80% of people have no symptoms. if you don't have symptoms you don't know that you have any may spread it to somebody else. anyone who has traveled or know
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somebody was travel you want to take precaution. charles: ebola scare the heck out of us. it was a big deal. i think that zik deal since it'n discovered that it can be transmitted through contact. isn't that a game changer to it are degree? >> contagious illnesses are always worry some. the u.s. was a leader in fighting this. we will help eradicate it again with zika. this is what the center for disease control prevention do. they've contacted about this for months. back in february, the governor of florida establishes information hotlines to people who live there. this is something we been educating. it's important for the public to know and to be aware to be educated. charles: governor scott asking
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cdc, does that indicate that although usaid and calm are attempting to be calm on the outside there's a greater sense of urgency behind the scene. >> prevention is doing the utmost when it comes to precautionary measures. for people watching what the emergency responses, augment what's already been done, which is to help with the investigation going door to door to collect samples. they are to have money allocated. the emergency response will release additional funding to augmented. charles: dr. radcliffe, thank you very much. coming up from the deal of the day. many sagging elon musk won't get the deal that he wants. i'll be right back. 6:00 p.m. on fox business to discuss the market and more. we will be right back.
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charles: adds another problem continues to pile up for entitlement.
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interest rates are threatening social security. this is more proof the younger generation should demand the government government to help them retire. very wise words indeed. i'm not sure it's just the younger generation. this is waterproof. >> my stance is young people are getting ripped off. i talked to 23, 24, 25 euros all the time. their paycheck about less than what they thought it would be. who is this like a guy? going into the social security trust fund. social security is going to be bankrupt an entire model right now is predicated on taking money from the younger generation that is never going to see those earnings are returns. i believe minimum-wage workers and people under the age of 30 should opt-out of paying the tax. and young people should not be forced to pay for someone else's retirement plan. the social security return is
12:27 pm
much lower than the most conservative investment portfolio over 10, 15, 20 years. the figure generation deserves the money they earned, not just 6% or 8% cut off every single time. charles: the irony is when they modeled it they modeled it was a very aggressive return. also, many say it was a ponzi scheme to begin with. the fact of the matter is they need more people shoveling money and to keep it solvent. there is no politician out there that is going to echo what you just said. >> when a dramatic changes. we believe, even liberals, republicans, democrats, we think our hard-earned money should stay in her pocket book cannot be taken away to pay for current retirees. personally, young people would be more than comfortable with people under 35 having the ability to opt-out of social security. it's not in the 20th century model. it's a 1930s model we go after. but never raise retirement age and they never even talk about trying to change the benefit plan or younger americans we
12:28 pm
will never see the positive effects of social security come after them. even current retirees now seen some sort of social security, and they were thinking in the 90s what if i had that extra money and i could have reinvested it conservatively. the way to hold the social security model is a ponzi scheme targeted towards young americans. charles: other low interest rates eyed, people are saying if you start to adjust them, it is helping the millennial set in a sense they want to borrow money and get a jump start on life. you're willing to see them go higher because system being of the other consequential stuff. >> exactly. the best person to invest person to invest someone's money as themselves. i don't think a government bureaucrat should be tasked on social security earnings. young people in particular should we trust that the full amount of their paycheck. forget the payroll tax that i can't tell you how many minimum-wage workers.
12:29 pm
instead of trying to raise the minimum wage, why don't we get rid of payroll tax. without ever having to put an extra strain on business. young people get screwed over by the social security model. we are forced to take hard-earned money that we put our sweat and toil behind with older retirees and we will never see or not. that's wrong. charles: some point, some some generation will get the shaft on this. thank you are a match. appreciate it. a look at the dow jones industrial average. in the red. oil, the main thing i'm stops covering around 40 bucks. obviously a pivotal number has been cracking down. we've got a lot more in the markets and oil coming out. germany in a panic over angela merkel's migration. she is facing huge backlash as we are hearing a new refugee warning there. we will have those details for you as well next.
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to some of the homegrown folks in america is more poor. a lot of college students riding around in convertibles were pretty well out in is certainly
12:37 pm
wasn't a lack of money driving animosity towards america or western value. >> this is a group of attracted to some sort of cause and radical islam is the cause they've chosen. there's thousands here domestically. the problem is we are allowing it to exist at this lackadaisical attitude that islam is not the problem. we need to focus on aspects of islam causing and attracting people to do terrorist acts. charles: by me ask you, we saw the arab spring. if economies in the world were doing better, would that put a dent in it at all? some disenfranchised kid might not have a job, without help at at all? >> no. the socialists, democrats and the pope might find something else to blame. it could be global warming. charles: we've heard global warming before.
12:38 pm
>> exactly. whatever they don't agree with in the current economy, they will go ahead and say that's the reason for terrorism and we need only to be socialist because that's worked out really well. charles: i want to get back to the zero strikes against isis good airstrikes are beginning. is that enough or where do we go from here with respect to the next big stronghold? >> the problem is he can't fight this up just airstrikes. the airstrikes make some sort of data. it's like cutting off the head of the snake. pop on down. another one pops up. we need to have tactical strike teams go in there, take out these guys, get the intelligence to follow one. we need to commit to the fact that this may be a 100 year war. this has been their goal for 1300 years. we need to commit to the fact we need to occupy the area for 100 years. charles: do you think americans want to do that?
12:39 pm
>> that's a tough one because 90% of the people in america elected people to govern the 2% that have chosen to serve and that's the problem. the people were willing to go to that site. the 98% which is okay, that they don't want to do it because i don't think they understand the fundamentals until it's on her front door in too late. charles: donald trump is such about aggressively trying to wipe out isis at the select it.d embedded in this country countries would last very long. >> that's the thing. donald trump is going through transition learning more about the war in iraq and afghanistan and understanding the dynamic more. he's going to go to extreme measures. want to get there, he will realize that the long-term occupancy, he doesn't want to do it. charles: how is the long-term and not start to nation build. >> the problem is nationbuilding as an entirety goal under bush's hearts and minds we transferred over to nation build and besides
12:40 pm
killing bad guys. when you stop killing bad guys coming nationbuilding will fail. i'm not a big proponent of big proponent could do a soldier is the most deadly weapon the world has ever known. uses to kill bad guys. don't use us to those schools. trade to allow the citizens of the country to develop whatever they want without being influenced or in inundated. >> do not overthrow people running the country. he kept the country somewhat stable. we can expect to overthrow these guys. >> what about the doctors were sober to throw -- okay to overthrow someone but you can't but you come in with an overwhelming force you don't have the general spirit you do leave people with power who understand the power structure in place that may not be as sadistic as someone. >> look what happened. we did have a lot of people, a lot of leaders believe that fleet. charles: if we have kept those sox, would it have been better? >> they came back that the
12:41 pm
insurgents, start fighting the kurds and now they took over and now we have isis. i don't know if that's better or worse. we put them in there in the first place. that's not our problem. charles: we go in there with really destructive, do a lot of things that maybe would be unsettling to some folks i killing relatives and members of isis. how dramatically does that reduce the risk of terrorism in america. >> greatly. they are also willing to strap bombs to their kids. if you are living in a terrorist occupied area, it's not because you're part of the solutions. you're part of the problem are a terrorist yourself. we need to understand that war is not pretty. the american people need to understand war is not pretty and we need to go to extreme lengths to win those wars. charles: there's a good chance
12:42 pm
tonight he may be later tonight talking about the con situation. thanks a lot. kicking off in the red. the big question, what is beyond the drop? tomorrow 9:00 a.m. eastern, trump, stuart varney at the same time on spn. -- spn on trend -- fbn i'm billy, and i quit smoking with chantix. i had a lot of doubts going in. i was a smoker. hands down, it was, that's who i was. after one week of chantix, i knew i could quit. along with support,
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dow down 51 points. the s&p 500 hits a lifetime high. the nasdaq the highest levels since 2016. keen eye on oil, oil dropped below $40 a barrel for the first time in nearly four months. today's plunges, worries about a global supply glut. take a look at some of our movers, watching verizon closely, verizon buying fleet mattics for 2.4 billion dollars. the gps tracking company, will allow them to track the drivers, the truck, speed and mileage. mcdonald's, going to be take out the high fructose corn syrup from the buns replacing it with sugar. they moved forward with antibiotic-free chicken ahead of schedule. 50% of the products will be changed.
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12:46 pm
. charles: tesla, solarcity agreeing on a $2.6 billion deal. market watcher d.r. barton says a raw deal on this one. d.r., i know when they initially announced it, i thought the number was a lot higher. but it did smell like a rat from the beginning. why don't you like it? >> well, the word bailout is not too strong a word. in it's been bandied about with solarcity's extreme debt position. one number that leaps out at me, charles, is they have
12:47 pm
increased debt by 13-fold. 13 times over the past three years. so they've been taking on massive amounts of debt. so tesla who already has a big chunk of debt and a horrible debt to equity ratio is pulling in a company that has a worse one. two negative cash flow companies coming together. it's sort of like two drunks trying to prop themselves up walking down the street. don't like it at all. charles: could someone argue the synergies there, so the audience understands, this is almost de facto, elon musk and company run it. they obviously on overlap with the idea. i think the dream is people will have the electric cars and fuel up at home with solar panels. >> yeah, and i think for a very, very slim portion of the nation, it's very green oriented. one might want to put all that together, mike make sense for the slim demographic. the thought was in the first
12:48 pm
year they'd save $150 million of acquisition costs for solarcity. that's elon musk's claims, i think that's a little weak as well, charles. what is keeping tesla from offering solarcity products before the merger? i don't think that's a really strong claim. there's big deals there. you mentioned elon being in there. he owns 20% of both companies. he's done a lot of dotting the i's and crossing the t's, likely to be a shareholder fight, so much so solarcity moves incorporation state to my home state of delaware just in case they had to get into one of the fights, and delaware a much more business friendly state. charles: ask but the overall market. oil came out, more signs of just a big glut there. stocks have now come down pretty hard. it's tough. what do you think is going on overall, because we've set these records for the markets. looks like they're looking for
12:49 pm
a catalyst. >> you and i love talking technically often, charles. one thing you've known and talked about. for 12 days now, we've been in such a tight narrow range, so tight, less than 1% movement in the s&p 500 that it's tighter than we've had since 1968. so the markets are at this really bull-bear balance of fighting against each other. oil prices down below 40 as of today, and i think the real thing here is that the fed has been more friendly, the central bank of japan, bank of japan more friendly. draghi is doing more things and people feel comfortable with the safety net. from the bear side, we have the global economic picture that's not warming up at all. as a matter of fact, we could see the opposite. i don't see us having big jumps from here, the pullback into the election is my best prognostication. charles: either way, it feels
12:50 pm
like a coiled spring or trap door. d.r., thank you very much. appreciate it, buddy. >> thanks a lot you. >> heard about fears rising. hear from the ceo who says he has the answer. an army of mosquitoes that will attack zika infected mosquitoes. we're not kidding and neither is here. stick around, more "coast-to-coast" after this. you pay your car insurance premium like clockwork.
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. charles: is renting the new american dream? we learned home ownership has fallen to a half century low. the rent continues to skyrocket. real estate analyst jason meister is here with the fallout. we've seen the trend coming. you and i talked about it for a long time. feels people are trapped. if you pay rent, you can never buy a house anyway, can you? . >> that's right, charles, it's
12:54 pm
a vicious cycle and rents are on the rise because there's such a strong demand among the millennial generation. among the 18-34-year-olds it dropped severely. moving out of the parents' basements, finally, we talked about that, but they're going into the rental market. they don't have enough to save for the down payment and not entering the housing market. i think it has to do with the overall health of our economy. we have flat wage growth. we've talked about that, labor participation rate that's the lowest in 40 years. gdp the worst stretch since the end of world war ii. we had gdp numbers on friday, a pathetic 1.2%. people pay for their homes with their jobs, the economy is not there. you will see the election coming to focus on the housing market and the jobs picture. charles: now, the overall number, the home ownership number, you know, it's interesting, i hear some politicians saying that's an example of a weak economy, but those same politicians would
12:55 pm
argue that not everyone should own a home, right? >> great point, charles. if you look historically from the end of world war ii until the mid to late 90s, you'll see a home ownership rate that hovers above 50% a little higher. when you saw clinton sign the american reinvestment act, you saw the home ownership rates surge, above 70%. you know to every single person that had a pulse, you can't have a home ownership rate like that. i think the home ownership rate is going to drop, i think it needs to drop to stabilize the market. having said, that i think the job market has to pick up. charles: you get a sense if someone like hillary clinton were to win, you could see maybe more government intervention, telling banks, hey, go to 3% down, no money down and we got you back. you got freddie mac and fannie mae. >> you see the obama administration dropping the deposits.
12:56 pm
what i'm afraid of is the same policies that failed us that brought you into the 2008 housing crisis is insane. if hillary is elected, housing policy will see a major intervention in housing market, which is what brought us into the housing crisis. charles: jason, thank you very much, ugly situation, appreciate it. fears versus fantasy. it's what this election is turning into to. next, the biggest threat to both candidates.
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12:59 pm
. charles: anemic growth from coast-to-coast and this election is turning into a battle of fear versus fantasy. which side are voters believing? welcome everyone, i'm charles payne in for neil cavuto. hillary clinton and president obama continue to paint a rosy picture of the economy. donald trump slamming both of them for living in another world but hillary clinton accusing trump of using fear to
1:00 pm
turn voters against her. >> too many americans feel, chris, like they've been left out and left behind, by our economy, by our government. i understand that frustration and frankly even that fear. i think the kind of inflammatory answers that trump has provided blame somebody, blame immigrants, blame muslims, blame women, blame somebody, is attractive. charles: to former governor tim pawlenty. governor, this is a central issue here, hillary clinton walking this very tightrope, if you will, saying the economy is great, but it could be better. >> well, i think you can set aside the rhetoric and looked at numbers, charles. gdp rate of growth that's between 1 and 2% which is anemic. a workforce participation rate that is regressed to the point where it's very concerning, including for people who are 50 years old and older.
1:01 pm
china slowing down, the commodity producing countries like brazil and russia slowing down. stagnation in europe. we've got big problems globally and domestically and instead of talking about what they're talking about the campaign trail. they should be talking about fixing health care, immigration, fixing pro-growth infrastructure. we don't hear about that. charles: we are pro-growth guys, we know the talking points. 70+ months of growth. private sector job creation is up every single month. inherited economy losing 800,000 jobs per month. of course that goes back eight years and any american economy since then would improve more. i get the sense essentially what hillary clinton is saying particularly teamed up with bernie sanders, we've got a lot of money in the country, just the greediest people in control of everything won't share it. >> well, it's a classic, they want to redistribute the pie rather than growing the pie,
1:02 pm
and we could have both debates, all you hear from the bernie sanders crowd and much of the democratic party is let's redistribute the growth that we have. that is incomplete and misguided debate in the sense we should talk about how do we get the economy going back to 3 or 4% or more gdp, and you hear none of that on the campaign trail. sadly missing on the campaign on both sides, frankly. >> if i was donald trump, that's all i'd ooik talk about, i think it's a winning message, but a message needs to be sold to young people about capitalism again. you know the british exit vote, polls, the one that caught my eye, 51% thought capitalism was working. i get a sense people don't think the system works anymore, at least for the average individual. >> i saw a poll that presented a binary choice to people under 35. you had to choose between capitalism and socialism.
1:03 pm
a plurality of the respondents chose socialism. if your parents or my parents saw, that they would fall out of the chairman of the we have a plurality of young people embracing it, and incumbent upon those of us who believe in free markets, growth and capitalism to educate and inspire beyond the knee-jerk reaction to socialism. the country's got problems, socialism isn't the answer. charles: governor, appreciate your time, you're always one of our favorites. >> thanks, charles. charles: there is a large portion of voters not happy with donald trump or hillary clinton, and i want you to take a look at this because the average of the latest polls showing a dead heat among clinton and trump, when you include the third-party candidates, gary johnson and jill stein, both candidates optimistic when i spoke with them last week, who does a third party surge hurt more? to editor katie
1:04 pm
pavlich. the third party polls are hurting hillary clinton more than donald trump. you would think governor johns onld take more from the republicans. >> right. historically we've seen third-party candidates benefit democrats than republicans. they are so highly unpopular, we see republicans switching over to the democrat side, democrats switching to republican, hard to tell who a third party might hurt the most. when you look at facts that donald trump only has 80% of republicans behind him at this point. hillary clinton has about 90% of democrats behind her. donald trump has little more work to do when it comes to getting people to vote for him or getting them not to vote for hillary clinton and maybe getting people or thinking of a third party vote to get back into his camp. so we'll see what happens on that front. charles: you know the scuttlebutt, i'm not sure if it is disputed yet is mitt romney or a jeb bush may endorse
1:05 pm
governor johnson. would that make a major different at this point? >> considering jeb bush spent millions of dollars per vote in the primary, i'm not so sure his endorsement with all due respect is going to do much to move the needle on this one. i think people are looking for a third options, and the other thing about this, charles, too, if people vote for a third option it will hurt donald trump and hillary clinton, but at the same time, there's a lot of people saying they're either going to vote for a third party or not going to vote at all. that doesn't necessarily hurt anyone either. doesn't pull away from either candidate at that point. charles: look at history, ralph nader had a negative impact on the democrats. ross perot the same thing with the republicans, and you wonder what the third party candidates get out of them. i interviewed gary johnson and jill stein, they're extremely optimistic. i think both candidates understand neither will be president of the united states.
1:06 pm
>> well, i think that during the convention itself was interesting to watch the google searches. both the rnc in cleveland and the dnc in philadelphia, one of the top google searches was is there a third-party candidate? both hillary clinton and donald trump are very unpopular. parties are supporting them reluctantly not because they feel they're the best choice for the job, and people think there should be another choice. now does that mean that gary johnson or jill stein can win? probably not. based on the fact they are at 7 or 8% in terms of johnson, and jill stein at 3%. we have a long way to go, i highly doubt they're going to take the presidency. charles: if johnson gets in the debates, who does he hurt more? donald trump or hillary clinton? >> i would say hillary clinton just because she's pushing a very progressive policy agenda which gary johnson being a libertarian will push back on. on the foreign policy issue, i'm not sure if he'll benefit
1:07 pm
trump or clinton on that one. trump talked about taking out isis, i'm not sure if gary johnson is a platform for that, and hillary clinton voted for the iraq war which gary johnson would draw our attention to in a debate. he has an interesting much needed perspective at a time when people feel their views are not represented. charles: he needs 15%. one poll at 10. >> he's getting close! . >> i think he would hurt hillary a little more. people love to see it. football game or no football game. appreciate it. >> see you later. charles: mega donors meeting without donald trump and the koch brothers network will focus on senate races not the presidential race. trump donor foster friess with me now. a lot made over the weekend about donald trump reaching out to charles koch and yet another distraction in my mind. what about the idea that the traditional deep-pocketed donors are shunning the presidential campaign? >> well, charles, there are
1:08 pm
people who are going to be focusing on the senate races, but the network last night at dinner we had 450 people, and many were very, very pro trump, and had heated arguments with those who are going to vote conscience. so i think, charles koch is so principled and chase, his son and david. they are patriotic americans, they have the notion we have to stick to a certain set of principles. they sent 25 questions to all the candidates and the trump questioner aced the test. all 25 did great. now they see some concern about shifting from some of those positions. so until they get a better feel for what his policies really are, it's the policy issues as opposed to his other inappropriate comments that i think are causing them because they believe they have to support the people that are for free enterprise and free markets and they have to back them. charles: foster, donald trump wasn't your first choice, you are on the trump train now. what made you come to the
1:09 pm
conclusion and trust that donald trump will implement the policies you think this country needs? >> well, i grew up on top a palomino horse take care of 140 head of steers so the west is embedded in me. the code of the west is you ride for the brand. not necessarily the trump brand or republican brand but the american brand. there's no doubt that trump represents the better pony ride in that race, and the reason i'm excited about some of his early decisions, mike pence, that's a big, big deal. if you look at some of the people he's attracted, to you look at ben carson and rick santorum, mike huckabee, pence and my good friend, james robison, vangelist out of dallas. they're fans of the carpenter 2,000 years ago, and i think the fan he wants to get rid of the johnson amendment which will allow churches to have freedom of speech.
1:10 pm
we have to end the war on christianity and he would never, ever have the little sisters pass out the abortion pill. there are a lot of policies in different areas that people can be excited once they sort things out and believe he's sincere in nominating scalia-type judges. that's the number one issue in this campaign, as you know, charles. charles: i do know, we're almost out of time. i want to ask, is there still a possibility that the koch brothers could come on board. is that door completely closeed? >> no, it's never closed. and i believe they are so patriotic. they're not going to be in favor of hillary clinton, and so they believe by supporting the senate candidates, that's going to have a big influence on the upticket. if they're running ads for the senate races that are nasty towards hillary clinton, and that's going to help the presidential ticket. they're going to be on board whether they like it or not, i guess. charles: foster friess, thank you very much, always a pleasure. >> thanks, charles.
1:11 pm
charles: give our pals good luck. i'll tell neil you said hi. monday mergers are back, tesla and solarcity agreeing on $2.6 billion deal. say what you want about these individual deals. what we need to do to have more of the deals and will they continue to pop up? we have gary here. merger monday ain't what it used to be, 2, $3 billion deals don't get us excited as they once did. you can read between the lines on some of them. >> with verizon and fleetmatics, they're paying cash, like the christmas club account. as far as the solarcity deal, it's incestuous and a lot of them are done with stock and a lot done with easy money, and i think that is an outcome what central banks are doing around the globe. when you can buy companies with
1:12 pm
high stock price and a lot of debt, you're in good stead. charles: with the buybacks, you apply the same set of thinking? yeah, buying back debt at basically 0% interest rates. when all is said and done, there will be a repercussion down the road. right now, all's well. charles: over all, gary, you and i talk about the markets all the time. we got a shaky start here. initially when the oil report was out and oil started to free fall, stocks went up. i thought maybe that was the break we're looking for, now they're all down. what's the overall message, we have to root for oil to go high fer we want stocks to go higher. >> as long as the dow and the s&p which have broken out of 18 month range. i don't mind oil prices going down, it's good for the consumer. we have controlled rotational
1:13 pm
moves. biotech is on the screen in a big way. that helps. google and amazon and apple and the big cap tech, definitely on my screen right now, and apple hasn't been there in a while. that's good news. i think we're okay here. if the financials could get some moves to the upside, i think we're in good shape. that's holding back things in a very big way right now. i'm okay with the market here. charles: most don't think that financials are stuck in the mud until you get the fed to raise rates which is interesting because that's not going to happen this year? >> they just do not have great earnings power right now. trading's down in the markets. they don't have a lot going for them, and obviously the spreads, too. so yeah, that maybe counterintuitive here. many years ago used to be if interest rates go up, financial stocks go down. now with all the central bank moves, it's the opposite now.
1:14 pm
charles: you're one of the best, appreciate you taking the time. >> thank you, my friend. you're doing a great job. charles: appreciate it. angela merkel under pressure over migrants over there. hear the warnings officials could be missing over here. you didn't read your car insurance policy.
1:15 pm
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on your mobile device. switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call that's liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. . charles: new details on zika. governor rick scott giving an update. the centers for disease control saying there's a risk of continued active local transmission of zika by mosquitoes in the miami dade area, and pregnant women should avoid travel to the area as well. scary situation, we'll monitor it for you. growing protests in europe over open border policies. many countries are losing track of their child refugees.
1:18 pm
the former u.n. spokesman rick grunnel why so many are avoiding warnings. we heard angela merkel doubling down on beliefs in open borders and we saw the brexit vote but a lot of european countries and lot of people in america saying we should have open borders? >> yeah, i think angela merkel, this could be the beginning of the end. a very serious situation where this is on the heels of large protests coming out against her immigration policy. one poll recently has that 66% of germans disagree with here immigration policy. her immigration policy doesn't separate between the illegal immigration and immigration. she's one of the politicians blurring the lines that somehow is saying we have an obligation to take in everyone, and i think the public, whether it's in germany or in great britain or even here in the united states.
1:19 pm
they understand that you can be very compassionate toward the immigrants and still want an orderly process. still want to have a system where people must follow the rules. they can't break the rules. charles: well, what do you do? this started over a decade ago, you could argue two decades ago, as the european birth rate dropped dramatically, they had to replace the people. they start to open the borders, maybe economic or humanitarian in some instance. what do you have people who come to the country and been there a long period of time and don't assimilate? >> look at problem. it's a sanctuary policy whether in brussels, it's a sanctuary city policy here in the united states. you can't have little pockets where individuals, you know, congregate in a group and decide they're not going to follow laws. what we're seeing in europe is really a huge problem with
1:20 pm
their immigration policy in that they're not able to check those people that are coming in. this open door policy which sounds good if there's a poor family on your stoop, that can't be the policy when you're dealing with a country like syria that's imploding, and we have millions of people flooding out of the region trying get out. you got to have an orderly process, you have to be able to check and look at individuals to make sure that they truly are who they say they are, they're not criminals, they're look for work. welfare policy has to match it. otherwise it's just silly. no one, no country can afford to take in everybody. you're eventually going to collapse as a country, you're going to ask your own people to be paying a lot more money, and i think that's what you're seeing with the protests in germany. people are saying we want to be generous, we want to be open, we want to have new immigrants coming, in but we've got to
1:21 pm
have an orderly process. and that seems basic i think. charles: any minute right now, president obama is going to be speaking to veterans on progress with the va, and ric, many veterans waiting in the long lines, many people dying as they wait. the president is going to tell the american public that there's been some improvement? >> look, hopefully in the years since the scandal that there has been some improvement, but what we do know is that it's not fixed. politicians love to talk about helping veterans when it's election season, but we've got have somebody who just commits to fixing this process. firing people that are not doing the job. look, my personal opinion on this issue is they think it's crazy we have two systems, why do we have a veteran's hospital and another hospital system where there's two accounting programs, there's two personnel systems. we're paying double in many instances because of the county hospital structures.
1:22 pm
i think that we should pour all of the money in the one system, allow the veterans to go to a regular hospital, not have a separate system. i think that will help. there will be more money, and we'll get them to the front of the line. charles: you think that's just this massive bureaucratic -- the bureaucrats within the system holding everything back because we put a private sector guy, in but playing against the old rules. is that the way to shatter this, to get rid of the bureaucrats or stop them from blocking? >> i think when the government sets up two different systems, it's not good. it's a waste of money. i mean, again, you're paying for two different buildings, two personnel programs and systems and people. paying for two different computer systems, two different accounting systems. just combine that. let's have one system. veterans are americans, and they should be able to get health care immediately at the front of the line at any
1:23 pm
hospital that is open. not -- we shouldn't limit them to just the veteran's hospital, where they have a separate system. charles: we owe it to them, that's for sure. ric grenell. thank you. >> thank you, charles. charles: the dow ended six months of gains, does the rally end now or it will continue? we'll let you know right after this. it's the little things in life that make me smile. spending the day with my niece. i don't use super poligrip for hold, because my dentures fit well. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. even well fitting dentures let in food particles.
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. charles: this week, we get the jobs report, always the most important economic release in any given month. considering the stock market rally and the political implications, you know it's going to resonate more than normal. the results taken in combination with earnings, so far the earnings season is slightly above the five year average. 71% of companies beat earnings.
1:27 pm
67% of historic average. on the top line, 57% have beat versus 55% historic average. the big question is whether this might be inflection point. too early to know, i'm impressed with big names that destroyed earnings consensus with much stronger than expected results, but maybe we should focus on the top line. consider this. there's fractional improvement revenue growth, this is the fourth time since the fourth quarter of 2014. most stocks are overvalued but momentum is to the upside and can get a big boost of underlying fundamentals actually begin to improve. to market watcher mark matson on all of this. how are you seeing the earnings season so far? and how are you seeing the second half of the year shape up? >> well, charles, it's good to be with you. i always tell investors, so hard not to focus on the short-term. the last time i got to speak with you was february 12. one day after the market bottomed. the s&p was down 11%. since that time, the s&p is
1:28 pm
back up 16%. and early in the year, it was all doom and gloom, poor earnings, going to be terrible, another great depression, and so many people panicked and got out of the market. my message to everyday investors is stop trying to predict the market in the short-term. you got to focus on the next 20 years, that means own equities, diversify internationally, and own some short-term high-quality fixed income. and if the market does drop, you got to buy more. brexit is a perfect example. when brexit came on, the market was down 5% one day. the market now back up, the s&p 8% since then. so hard to focus on the next 10 minutes, i got them to focus on the next 10-20 years. so hard to do. charles: i understand. the average investor feels they have to walk out the house with helmet, elbow pads and knee pads to be active participant in the market.
1:29 pm
volatility is a part of investing, how do you stop someone from believing that the things that aren't so rosy shouldn't impact the stock market? >> you know, that's a great question, comes back to human behavior. everybody knows how to lose weight. you eat less and move more. people know the basic rules of investing. charles: i am glad you told me! [laughter]. >> we could all use that messages are right? it's human behavior. that cheesecake looks so good. when you have to wake up at 5:00 to exercise, it's hard! like investing in the market, when the needle is down 200 points and everything is doom and gloom, it takes constant supervision and reinforcement. when you don't do, that investors are duped by wall street. trading is what wall street is all about. get people to buy, get people to sell. doesn't matter if they make money, wall street makes money. charles: wall street has an ulterior motive. i appreciate that.
1:30 pm
there are ticking time bombs, 19 trillion in debt. europe looks disastrous. i'm not sure how they grow that economy, with the policies that i have in place. china could be a ticking time bomb. japan is old and wobbly. people have legitimate concerns, you talk about five, ten, 20 years out, what the world will look like then? >> you know, look, the market rates of returns, there are a lot of dangers out there. the market prices for risk. so when there's risk out there and everybody knows the risk that you mentioned, those are in the prices. so people are shocked when they see markets go up, 10, 15, 20%, how could this happen? guess what? i am not psychic, i don't have a crystal ball. i don't know how the things get resolved but i know the great depression, world war ii, massive recessions like under jimmy carter, these things get resolved and everything was doom and gloom when carter was in, reagan came in and wow, things can change fast. it's not all doom and gloom in the market prices.
1:31 pm
>> mark, thank you very much. appreciate the pep talk. the fed is investigating a hack on clinton's campaign. next, why the hacks may only have just begun?
1:32 pm
1:33 pm
1:34 pm
1:35 pm
and do you concert at him or hillary clinton and russian intelligence at the dnc and the fbi program the clinton campaign has warned last spring of a possible attack. a former navy cap will do so many are according this helps avoid their going into the weekend, i thought this is going to be the story of the weekend. another e-mail hack involving hillary clinton and some actually wondering, particularly her cam ain't what the ultimate risks are bush. she is operating a private e-mail server as we all know. so this is just further fallout from that. when the fbi went in march to berkeley into the campaign headquarters to warn her that this was occurring, that her campaign had been hacked for months after the dnc had been warned. the campaign did not cooperate
1:36 pm
with the fbi and give them the information to root this out because they were afraid the clinton e-mail scandal that was currently being investigated by the fbi would be impacted by then turning over information. this is just when you get involved in these things, there is fallout from it and that is just more fallout. the same day goes by the way, to the foundation. the clinton mail account was used to communicate with the state department with the clinton foundation with the dnc. so while it is, once you get into any one of those networks, you technically can get into all of them. sure into much being made about what kind of role russia may have played in all of this. is that important at this point. we knew some foreign entities that actually attack and from what i've read, not just one, but several attempted to.
1:37 pm
>> the clinton foundation has been involved with russia for years. it goes back to rest atom, which became uranium one, with the state department approval, clinton state department approval. the united states told 20% of assets to a russian held company. the foundation has been doing business with the russians for a long time, receiving massive donations from russia. they have had to e-mail connection. that was probably hacked. who knows. did the initial hack, which all of these entities are connected committed the initial hack come through the foundation through clinton mail, through the dnc? who knows. it could likely come straight from the foundation and now gotten to all the networks be at charles: and reminds us of the old tangled web. captain nash, the u.s. increase in airstrikes and libya. do you think that airstrikes
1:38 pm
alone will be enough to defeat isis or is this a step in the right direction? >> you now, i was against our involvement in libya from the get-go. my feeling at the time was we are going to turn this into somalia with oil and better weapons and that is exactly what is happening. look at what we've been able to do against isis and syria and iraq. does it help? yes. if you do not have a competent ground force to deal with them directly, to get them to cluster so they can defend themselves against another ground force, that becomes a lucrative error target. if they remain split up like they did in kosovo, the serbian state apart. they didn't bunch out because there was no ground force after them. our air power we finally had to turn against infrastructure, which we always do because bridges don't move. charles: thank you very much.
1:39 pm
really appreciated. some say fight fire with fire and not get those fighting zika with an army of mosquitoes. amazing stuff. you heard it here first. wait until we get the details next. ♪ (ee-e-e-oh-mum-oh-weh) (hush my darling...) (don't fear my darling...) (the lion sleeps tonight.) (hush my darling...) man snoring
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(don't fear my darling...) (the lion sleeps tonight.) woman snoring take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store. >> and jeff flock on the floor of the cnn chicago with your five space-bar sprees. oil just crashing below $40 a
1:41 pm
barrel. now it 3996 on the board down almost 4% on the day. that takes it officially into bear market territory within 20% down from the recent close of $51 back in june. news for oil and not just for the commodity. take a look at exxonmobil. it started out today at the fourth largest company in the nation by market cap. when it finishes today, amazon is. exxonmobil is down. that makes amazon the fourth largest company. all four of the top companies are not internet companies. google continue to watch this throughout the day during the fox business network. i have just bought. stay tuned.
1:42 pm
1:43 pm
charles: well, rio olympics are four days away. , mcshane reports problems piling up by the hour. >> talking about three of them right now that they are dealing with. don't put your head under the water. that's the advice you are gaining to watch the olympics in rio. experts said exactly that after looking at "the associated press" study that came out. one thing if you're going to watch the olympics. you might not have any plans to put your head under this dirty
1:44 pm
water. imagine if you are in a competition that allows you to do as much. the study found the water back it up as the dirtiest it's ever been contaminated from raw sewage on down. back to area all over the place. the study said people could become violently ill as a result. that is number one. number two with security. they are beefing up security the last few days. friday's opening ceremony makes a lot of sense to military presence on the streets of rio have become more apparent here the last few days in the airports and other places. that makes sense. that is what you would call normal for a big event like the olympics. the third thing is zika. don't forget about zika. the one thing we will say out the zika virus in brazil. it should not be torturing people from traveling there because the problems have been overcome. dreier, cooler weather of the day into a decline in mosquito borne illnesses. zika in particular.
1:45 pm
that said, still a concern, one of the three we know about as we get set are these games. charles: tell me about it. appreciate it. the center for disease control centers say in pregnant women should avoid the area. the mosquito control efforts are working as well as was hoped. ask the attack is raising an army of genetically altered mosquitoes to fight the virus. haydn parry joins us now appeared at me get this straight. right now the big concern is the same mosquitoes that inflicted the damage in brazil are now perhaps in america. ard had puerto rico. you've got an army of counter mosquitoes to counterattack them or how does that work? >> wow, it works quite simply. these mosquitoes are not native to the u.s. they shouldn't be in the u.s. and they are so nationally difficult to control.
1:46 pm
they are in and around your home, very much an urban mosquito. trying to control them with toxic chemicals is never going to work because up to half of the breeding sites of these mosquitoes are in and around your home. every mosquito. every mosquitoes if ever bitten you as a female and it's been born within 200 yards of where you were bitten. so what we are doing is using the mosquito against itself. we send out mails because males don't buy it. they made with the females and the engineering, the clever engineering we've done is they died. they will go out, meet with the females, the offspring died. charles: the offspring are born. you are saying their life is cut to research degree? >> yeah, absolutely. they die before they become adults and die within a few days. they die as well after a few days. nothing stays in the environment.
1:47 pm
very fact that and also environmentally friendly. charles: there is a pushback from the different people who are concerned and you are getting some public backlash about this aren't you? >> we are also gaining public support. trade to listen, i think the idea is fantastic. whenever we see these young babies born because the zika virus, it makes everyone want to do everything possible. some people think there is something wrong about the edge as you manipulate the species to kill itself off, even though it's mosquitoes. >> that is why you have agencies like the food and drug administration taken five years to evaluate our product. so we use agencies like that. society uses the scientific -- rigorous scientific evaluation to make sure what we do is extremely safe. the ft had already produced a preliminary report.
1:48 pm
charles: how long before you get full approval and you can start to implement the program? >> wow, we are looking full approval to go into a trial. that could be any day now. we are waiting for the fda to finalize their result, finalize their study. that relates to a trial. what really should be done and in light of this emergency and first transmission in the u.s. at the moment is for useful violation to be given. if we were an insecticide or a vaccine with the same result, we would be pushed through very quickly. that's the way we need to go. charles: it's an impressive idea. we will check back with you. you will let us know what the next step is because this is scary stuff. i agree with better fight fire with fire. appreciate it. good idea. we will have you back real soon. in the meantime, the u.s. economy sputtering on the
1:49 pm
democratic ticket. deflecting just a little bit. wait until you see how right after this. if you're taking multiple medications, does your mouth often feel dry? a dry mouth can be a side effect of many medications. but it can also lead to tooth decay and bad breath. that's why there's biotene, available as an oral rinse, toothpaste, spray or gel. biotene can provide soothing relief and it helps keep your mouth healthy too. remember, while your medication is doing you good, a dry mouth isn't. biotene, for people who suffer from a dry mouth.
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>> does anybody here believe him? how about this, does anybody here believe one word of what he says? not one word, folks. not one word. [chanting] not one word. not one word. charles: does democratic vice presidential nominee tim kaine. it's a good line, but considering his running mate, he has some issues himself and that may not be their best line of
1:53 pm
attack. >> not the way to go. he was good. if i may, at the convention bill clinton falls asleep. you can tell that hillary picked the right guy because if bill clinton falls asleep, you can see senator kaine all over twitter. there's such a good sense of humor. gcc is sleeping. blocks the camera for the former president. that is a team player. but you can't go after donald. the more you go after donald trump, the more donald trump is going to win. i've been traveling all around america. cleveland, philly and the more you go after donald. it's great what they are doing. they reinvented hillary. they are going under the radar and she is playing i'm really a nice person card and they bring in muslim people saying how bad
1:54 pm
donald trump is. bring it on. charles: they do want to win the white house. would you suggest they do? >> keep right on track. charles: why should they do? this attack is going to backfire. what else are they going to do? the economy, warren says. >> e-mails, foundation money. by richie make it back? i've got to tell you, i always say this to folks who like donald. don't underestimate hillary. she's a brilliant adversary on the top of her game. she's very smart and choose hillary. she got away with this. she beat the united states government. drink is someone say the last month. some of it the last 30 years. >> bad you are so great. i follow you on twitter and online. my mother loves you.
1:55 pm
charles: that's a beautiful tie. >> sheela charles payne. the italian and the african american. fox is so ethically diverse. charles: i'm in a silly mood. >> i got the shoes my son joey got me. one of the interns, look what she gets made. ronald reagan's lax. charles, you look mighty fine, but you've got some catching up to do. charles: i do. i guarantee when the numbers come out tomorrow, we will have a spike out of this world. what is that? gq wants to talk to you. real quick, what about donald trump? does he fall into a trap fighting this fight? >> you can't read them. he's got such a mass following. charles: he's got so many bow hanging fruit items. the economy, but in order. >> is a great point.
1:56 pm
no you don't. charles: you've got the sense of humor. people love you no matter who they are. you cut through all of that. >> you know, i just want everybody to stop. i say this to folks who don't understand it into your point when he and to your point when he says things he might not understand. this is a good guy. we are new yorkers. look at his children. you judge a man by his children and he is a good guy. may the best person win. let hillary and senator kaine go the way they are going. may the best person win. it's all about america. i'll tell you, i'll lend you a pair of the socks, too. charles: and fired those facts, the dow wouldn't be dropping 40. everything falling apart today. we have got more for you after this.
1:57 pm
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. . . .
1:59 pm
charles: oil one of the big
2:00 pm
stories of the day, dipping below $40 a barrel. we'll follow this all week long. tonight, 6:00 p.m. eastern we'll dive into the market on "making money with charles payne." we're back 6:00 p.m. tonight. tomorrow 9:00 a.m., donald trump and stuart varney live. here is trish, taking you to the next hour. trish: thanks. donald trump is set to speak in the battleground state of ohio. we're on it. he will focus his campaign on the critical battleground states of florida, ohio, and pennsylvania. can he win them and carve a path to victory? as we're just 100 days from the election. i'm trish regan, welcome to "the intelligence report." hillary clinton mired in controversy after she told our own chris wallace after she said the fbi told us her statements were truthful. even the liberal "washington post" calling her out, basically calling her a liar, giving her four


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